Quick Pick Up & Shooting Drill

3pt. shooting/footwork.
  • Start approximately 10 feet away from the basket. Get the ball in your weak hand, and the opposite foot is back and ready.
  • Then, simultaneously get your feet and arms into a shooting position and shoot the ball. Make 5 and switch hands.
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    Characteristic boost
    Mid-range shots: +1
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A great basketball shooting drill to practice for accuracy and consistency is a quick pick-up drill. From 10 feet away from the basketball basket, get the ball in your weak hand and have your opposite foot back and ready. Then quickly move into a shooting position simultaneously using both your arms and legs. Shoot the basketball 5 times and then switch hands to work on balance, strength, and control. This basketball drill is simple yet effective at strengthening fundamentals such as developing muscle memory and hand control while improving accuracy.
— Coach Dan