Quick Hands 2 & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Just the same, but two hands in front - two hands behind.
  • Teach points.
  • You make 8 reps as fast as you can.
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost
    Dribbling: +1
    Agility: +1
    Stamina: +1
Learning basketball drills can help improve your dribbling, but two hands in front to two hands behind is a drill will help you up the ante even further. To do this drill, start with basketball in both of your hands and quickly alternate front to back dribbles as fast as you can for 8 reps. It’s important to keep yourself on your toes during this drill by increasing your speed each round and keeping your eyes on the ball at all times. As you go through this exercise, focus on executing clean and precise motions with your quick hands so that you are able to refine your control and basketball skills.
— Coach Dan