Pull Ups W. Behind The Back Dribble & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Start approximately 10-15 feet away from the basket.
  • On the dribble, gather your feet, go behind the back, and shoot the ball.
  • Make 5 and switch sides.
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    Characteristic boost 
    Mid-range shots: +1
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Start with Pull-Ups W. Behind The Back Dribble basketball drill by standing approximately 10-15 feet from the basketball basket. Then, initiate a dribble and as you get closer to the basket, gather your feet for balance and perform a behind the back dribbling maneuver. Finally, shoot the basketball into the basket and make 5 shots before switching sides and repeating this drill. This basketball drill is effective in improving ball handling skills, agility and accuracy when shooting.
— Coach Dan