One Step Lay In & Finishing workouts.

Basketball finishing workouts.
  • Put 1 minute on clock an each type of finishing. Start on the right corner and after rebound you should relocate to another corner.
  • You should make a baseline drive, after the last dribble you have only one step and take shot without ball touch the backboard.
  • Teach points: Beginning in the triple threat position.
    You should doing as closely to game-speed as you can. Try to score as more as you can.
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To perfect basketball finishing drills, it is critical to challenge yourself and push yourself to the max. Start from a baseline drive in the triple threat position with the basketball and give yourself only one minute per corner. After your last dribble take one step before you shoot and make sure not to touch the backboard. Through multiple workouts and drills focusing on basketball finishing, you'll be able to practice taking shots without hesitation when it comes time for game-day. Working on basketball finishes gets you prepared for your next match-up so that you can knock down shots with ease!
— Coach Dan