Mirror Drill & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Make as many moves as possible in 30sec.
  • At the first - scissors, at the second low dribble.
  • Teach points:
    You should count the amount and try to improve the result every time.
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost
    Dribbling: +1
    Agility: +1
    Stamina: +1
  • 2
    +4 coins
Making as many basketball moves in 30 seconds is a great drill that can be used to challenge yourself and hone your dribbling skills. Every basketball player should strive to constantly improve their ball handling, and counting the amount of basketball moves you can make in 30 seconds forces you to push your limits. Try using the "mirror drill" which entails two players matching each other throughout the drill, making sure to always keep up with each other's movements – this helps build coordination and forces you to use both hands. Whether it’s the low dribble, euro step or even crossover, by putting just a little extra work in during practice, you will maximize your basketball potential on the court.
— Coach Dan