Mikan Drill Power Step & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Face the basket couple of steps away.
  • Start with a left foot (cross-step) right hand power step layup and switch to the right foot left hand layup on a rebound.
  • Go non-stop until you score 10.
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Basketball drills are an important component for any basketball player looking to increase their shooting accuracy and repetitions. One specific drill, the Mikan drill power step layup, can certainly do the trick. This drill involves facing the basketball basket a couple of steps away and starting with a left foot cross-step and right hand power step before excecuting a layup and then switching to a right foot left hand layup on a rebound before repeating this process nonstop until you score 10 times. Doing this basketball drill is a great way to improve basketball fundamentals as well as track your shooting efficiency over time.
— Coach Dan