Hard Stationary Pounds & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Start at the square position. Bend your knees with your back straight and your eyes up.
  • First 30 seconds go low using your fingertips, the next 30 seconds go higher, but no higher than your knees, and the last one are hard pounds, not higher than your waist.
  • Then switch to another hand. The drill goes for 3 min non-stop.
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Any basketball player knows that great dribbling is key to success on the court. One drill that may help you gain a better handle is to start at the square position, with your back straight and eyes looking up. For the first 30 seconds, focus on low dribbling with your fingertips. The following 30 seconds go higher, but not above your knees. During the third round of 30 seconds, do hard stationary pounds no higher than your waist, then switch to the other hand for further development. This drill should be done for three minutes nonstop to ingrain these basketball fundamental principles.
— Coach Dan