Half Spin Shot & Shooting Drill

Focus on a form, balance and footwork.
  • Start at the free-throw line.
  • Plant one foot on the floor and half-spin twice, so you get back facing the basket and shoot the ball.
  • Try to maintain good form and balance. Make five from each foot.
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Perfecting your basketball shooting skills requires practice, and the half-spin drill is an effective way to get warmed up before a game or practice. To begin this drill, position yourself at the free-throw line. Place one leg firmly on the floor and take two quick half turns so that you end facing back towards the basket. Once in this upright basketball shooting stance, pay attention to form - make sure your feet are set right and your balance is maintained. Now it's time to shoot! Aim for five successful baskets from each foot and if possible, repeat this drill throughout basketball seasons sessions. Doing so will help you become more accurate and consistent with spot up shots.
— Coach Dan