Drop step up and under & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Start on the block with your back towards the basket.
  • Flick the ball to yourself and drop step towards the baseline on the catch. Use up and under fake and shoot the hook shot.
  • Make sure to look up and have a ball higher than your waist on the move.
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Shooting basketball drills like the "drop step up and under" can help basketball players of all levels refine their shooting technique. Start this drill with your back towards the basket, flick the ball to yourself, and drop step towards the baseline on the catch. Right when you reach your destination it is important that you fake an "up and under" move with your body before shooting the hook shot. It is also important to remember to look up upon release and have a basketball higher than your waist as you move. Doing drills such as this will help basketball players hone their skills on court!
— Coach Dan