Double Behind The Back Dribble Combo Pull Ups & Shooting Drill

3pt. shooting/footwork.
  • Start at the top - dribble behind the back twice while sliding to the side and shoot.
  • Alternate hands. 10 makes!
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    Characteristic boost
    Dribbling: +1
    Three-pointers: +2
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Basketball shooting drills have changed significantly over the years, but one classic basketball exercise that has remained throughout history is the double behind the back dribble combo pull up. This drill requires basketball enthusiasts to rely on their agility and ball-handling abilities in order to execute the shot successfully. By starting at the top of the key, basketball players are expected to dribble twice behind their backs while simultaneously sliding to the side and then shooting. Additionally, it’s essential to alternate hands when executing this shot in order to not only build basketball IQ, but increase shooting form as well. As you progress through progress this little basketball drill 10 times or more, you can be sure your basketball shooting form will improve considerably as will your basketball understanding and confidence.
— Coach Dan