Behind The Back Bounce Passing & Shooting Drill

Focus on shooting drill.
  • Find a wall and stand 10-15 feet away from it.
  • Get into the triple threat position facing away from the wall. Use one dribble, and on the step, snap your wrist behind your back.
  • Make sure there is only one bounce, and the ball hits the wall at your chest level.
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The basketball drill of behind the back bounce passing can be a difficult exercise which requires precision. Start by facing away from the wall about 10-15 feet away, assuming your triple threat position. With one dribble before taking a step, snap your wrist to pass the basketball behind your back and off the wall. You should only have one bounce of the basketball against the wall so it's at chest level when it passes you and you're ready to catch it. Though a challenging basketball drill, mastering this move provides basketball players an advantage while shooting and allows them to gain control as they drive forward.
— Coach Dan