Reverse Mikan Drill & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Start under the basket facing the opposite hoop.
  • Cross-step with a left foot and shoot right hand regular layup and switch to the right foot left hand layup on a rebound.
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Shooting drills are crucial basketball practice exercises to help perfect one's form and technique. A great drill to increase overall shooting accuracy is the Reverse Mikan drill. To start, begin under the basket on the opposite end of the court from the hoop. Take a cross-step with a left foot, then shoot the basketball with your right hand for a regular layup. If a rebound happens, switch directions and jump up for another layup using your right foot and left hand. Doing this drill aids in increasing coordination, balance, and basketball skill building. Overall, this drill greatly increases shooting proficiency from underneath any basketball hoop.
— Coach Dan