Pounds w/Drops On the move & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Get into the square position.
  • Start pounding the ball with one hand and toss the tennis ball forward with the other.
  • Once the tennis ball hits the ground - accelerate and catch it. Switch hands after 10 catches.
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Dribbling drills are an integral part of basketball and improving your control of the ball. To get into the square position while dribbling, start by pounding the basketball in one hand and then tossing a tennis ball forward with the other. Once the ball hits the ground, turn up your speed and catch it before throwing it back up. Ensure to switch hands after every 10 catches as this simple drill helps you practice pounds w/ drops on the move. Accumulating repetition improves agility and develops coordination skills necessary for basketball players.
— Coach Dan