Pick Up Jumpers & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Get a pass from the partner being square towards the basket.
  • Catch it with one hand and dribble right away, and shoot. Keep your eyes up, and don't look at the dribble.
  • Make 5 and switch hands. Minimal footwork, focus on the dribble.
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Basketball is a game of control, quick decisions and skill. To develop your basketball skills it is important to practice drills such as pick up shooters. An essential part of this drill is learning to get a pass from the partner being square towards the basket without looking at the dribble. Once you catch the basketball it is important to dribble away quickly with one hand and shoot from anywhere on the court. Additionally, focus on minimal footwork and keeping your eyes up. Once you have made five jumpers, switch hands for an additional challenge. These basketball drills help build leader basketball players and are essential for success in basketball games.
— Coach Dan