Dribble Combo Dynamic & Hand-off Vertical leap

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Start on the baseline in a good square position. The ball is on the right side.
  • Dribble combo: V-dribble, cross, between. Make a dribble move on every step forward.
  • The goal is to make as many moves as possible while going down the court. Then switch sides. Try to beat your score every time.
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    Dribbling: +1
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To become a basketball pro, the dribbling drill is an absolute must. Start with a basketball on the right side and a good baseline square position. Then engage in a dynamic dribble combo, varying between V-dribbles, crosses, and between moves - making sure to make a move each time you take a step forward. As you move down the court, strive to make as many computerized dribbling moves as possible while changing sides periodically. Try this basic drill over and over until you beat your high score, helping you become the basketball player you strive to be.
— Coach Dan