Behind The Back Jumper & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Get a pass from the partner being square towards the basket.
  • Catch it with one hand, dribble, dribble behind, and then shoot. Minimal footwork, focus on the dribbling.
  • Make 5, and then switch hands. Good core stability. Don't get too far out in front of your toes with your nose.
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Applying basketball drills to daily practice is essential for perfecting particular skills. A great basketball drill for players looking to strengthen their fundamental dribbling and shooting techniques consists of getting a pass from a partner. Catch the basketball in one hand, dribble twice behind your back, then shoot a jump shot with minimal footwork. Once you are able to make five shots proficiently, switch hands and repeat the process with your other hand. To keep good balance while performing this drill, it is important to focus on having good core stability and not getting too far out in front of your toes with your nose. With continuous practice of this behind-the-back basketball drill, you will be able to develop greater basketball prowess like never before!
— Coach Dan